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Choosing Just Detailing Services

There are a large number of both companies and individuals who claim to offer detailing services, but the quality on offer can vary dramatically, so who can you trust?

Since Darren and I started this business we have worked hard to ensure that not only do we offer the best in car detailing, but that this is combined with first class customer service and a complete openness about what we do.

The following are just some of the reasons why choosing us will ensure that you get the right results:

  • Reviews - Our reviews page is a live link to the FreeIndex business directory where customers independently rate and comment on our work. Below is a live update drawn from FreeIndex of our current rating from customer reviews:
  • Professional - Unlike many amateur detailers who may offer to work on your car, we are a well established, professionally run car detailing company who can guarantee results
  • Price - Our charges are fixed up front and have no hidden extras
  • Mobile - No need to leave the comfort of your home or worry about your car being driven by anyone else
    Unit Based - If you prefer, we can make arrangements for you to bring your car to us
  • Knowledge - Over 40 years of knowledge from detailing to accident repair, dent removal and resprays
  • Passion - We got into car detailing because we love cars and have a real excitement for working on them
  • Research - We are constantly testing and reviewing the latest car detailing products and techniques
  • Openness - We are happy for you to watch the entire detail and ask questions as we go along
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