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Ferrari California - Detail by Just Detailing Services

What Defines a Supercar?

There are lots of opinions on what the definition of a supercar is and we wouldn't choose to argue for or against any particular view. However, for detailing we define them as low volume, high value, high performance cars; all in the context of when they were made.

A few of the familiar marques include Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Zonda, Koenigsegg, Ginetta (with the new F400), Bentley, McLaren, Mercedes SLS/SLR, etc.

The list can go on and the variety is substantial, but from a detailing perspective they do all share something in common - the need for extra care and understanding to get the best results and preserve the finish.

Marcos LM600 at NEC Classic Car Show - Show prep by Just Detailing Services

The Advantages of a Detailed Car

  • The paint will have a gloss, slickness and level of reflection which will enhance every curve and line of the car
  • The finish will be better protected from UV and contaminants
  • Existing swirls, marks and light scratches are usually removed
  • The car is likely to stay cleaner for longer and be easier to valet
  • Detailed cars tend to retain their value better and are easier to sell
  • Faded or dull paint can be restored to its former glory
  • Interiors can be cleaned, treated and protected to ensure that they stay looking in top condition for longer

Lamborghini Murcielago - Detail by Just Detailing Services

A few of the Supercar Detailing Considerations

  • The styling can often be more intricate than standard vehicles
  • Air vents may need covering to protect sensitive areas
  • The paint may naturally be thinner due to weight saving
  • The panels may be made of specialist composites or carbon fibre
  • Less common materials such as magnesium may have been used
  • Owners are often seeking the best available without compromise
  • Owners require the utmost discretion when working on their cars

Ferrari 355 - Detail by Just Detailing Services

Choosing JDs for Your Supercar Detailing

The list of reasons why supercars need special treatment really can go on but it all adds up to the same thing - to detail a supercar you need plenty of knowledge about the cars, experience of working on the various materials used, a high degree of skill and to be able to mix this with first class, professional customer service.

At Just Detailing Services we take pride in excelling at not only the knowledge and ability to deliver first class detailing but also the professional way in which we look after our customers.

We never use stock pictures! Every car photo on this page is of a vehicle that we have worked on.

Farbio (Ginetta GT) at Goodwood Festival of Speed - Detail by Just Detailing Services

Guaranteed Results

Whether you are looking to attend an event, want long term protection for your paint, are after the best price for a sale or just demand the highest quality, we can offer a bespoke service to suit.

We can demonstrate what we'll achieve with most services by spot working on a couple of panels and then discussing the results with you before proceeding. You are more than welcome to then watch the entire process and ask questions as the work is done.

Naturally, if you are too busy to be involved at this level, we can select the most appropriate service for you and complete the work without any fuss.

No matter how much involvement you choose to have with the detail, you'll always be given the opportunity to inspect the results while we are with you. Satisfaction, guaranteed.

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