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The Studio Detail

The JDs Studio Detail service was designed to meet 3 strict criteria:
  • A top quality finish fit for professional studio photography and one which will protect the car for months
  • Customer convenience
  • Value for money

If your car's bodywork is in good condition and you want a top quality finish and great value for money, then this service is for you. If your vehicle's paintwork has more extensive marring, scratches, swirling or has faded/discoloured then the Studio Detail may help but we would usually recommend it in conjunction with one of our paint correction services. If you would like a free consultation, then please contact us at any time.


The Detail

Designed for more than simply making your car look good for the moment, this multi-stage process will leave an amazing shine and protect your vehicle's bodywork for months to come*.

The service typically includes:

  • A gentle citrus based pre-wash treatment of the exterior of your car (including wheels)
  • A thorough clean of the wheels using a gentle acting solution (repeated several times as necessary)
  • Foaming of the exterior of your car using a custom cleaning & conditioning solution followed by a rinse
  • A further gentle pre-wash treatment to loosen more stubborn dirt
  • A wash of the outside of your car and wheels using a high quality shampoo and lambs wool mitt
  • A rinse and hand dry of your car (includes the application of a special solution to aid drying)
  • High-speed, filtered, warm air drying of all shut lines and external fittings
  • A cleanse of all door and boot shuts
  • Gentle removal of any remaining bugs and tar from the exterior paintwork
  • An exterior claying to remove surface contaminants and leave the paintwork very smooth
  • The hand application of a high quality cleanser/glaze to improve the finish and give it a new lustre
  • An exterior vinyl/rubber treatment which includes UV protection
  • A clean/polish of the exhaust tips
  • A clean of all exterior glass
  • A further clean and buff of the wheels using a high grade wheel polish and sealant
  • The application of a tyre dressing
  • The application of a wheel arch dressing
  • The application of a superior quality sealant or Carnauba wax for paintwork protection & depth of shine
  • A final buff and inspection of the paintwork
* See notes below

How Much Time Will be Spent on My Car?

A Studio Detail typically takes a total of between 6 and 10 hours of work (depending on car type, size and condition).

Please contact us for a free quote for your specific requirements.

More Reasons to Choose a Studio Detail

  • The Detail can usually be completed within a single day
  • The work can be normally be done at your own home or you can arrange to bring the car to us
  • We provide a fixed price up-front so you know exactly how much the service will cost
  • We can be flexible in what we do to meet your exact needs (some variations may affect the price)
  • You can read independent reviews of our detailing so that you can be certain of the quality we provide

Studio Detail Prices

Up to and including Large Cars (Jaguar XK, Mercedes CLK, Alfa Brera, Porsche 911, BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, etc.)
£ 210.00

X-Large Cars (Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Chrysler 300C, Mercedes CLS, Jaguar XF, etc.)
£ 230.00

Very Large Cars (Jaguar XJ, Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, Chrysler Grand Voyager, Volvo XC90, etc.)
£ 250.00

Please note:
  1. If you aren't sure what size category your car falls into, then drop us a line and we'll let you know
  2. Cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Zondas, Koenigseggs, classics, etc. can require extra special attention and may cost more than the prices shown above. If you have one of these or something else a little "exotic" or unique, then please contact us for a free consultation and quotation
  3. Prices are for exterior work only. Interior valeting/detailing can be added as an optional extra with prices starting from £ 40.00
  4. Prices exclude paint correction (the removal of scratches/swirling). This service can be requested as an optional extra
  5. The prices shown assume the work is carried out within 20 miles of the centre of Bristol and that any travel does not include toll roads. If an additional travel charge applies, then this will be advised in advance
  6. The length of protection provided by any car treatment and how long the quality of finish is maintained will depend on a number of factors including the mileage covered, driving and weather conditions, the quality of any subsequent valeting/cleaning and where the vehicle is kept
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