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Detailing an Alfa GT

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Reflect Correct and Seal Paint Correction

It was a fairly cold and overcast morning when we first saw this Alfa, but it was obvious that it was well driven on the local lanes - it was pretty dirty and had a lot of debris lodged in the wheel arches!

After a lengthy deep cleanse and claying we were ready to inspect the paint and as expected, there was a fair bit of marring (swirls, light scratches, etching from bird muck, etc.) combined with some paint fade from surface oxidisation. Following discussions with the client our Reflect service was chosen for its great combination of paint correction (especially on the softer more delicate paints like the red on this Alfa) and multi-stage sealant protection in the form of various Glare products.

Glare don't just provide a single sealant, but instead offer a range of products which, when used correctly and together, can not only deal with marring and oxidisation but also provide a very tough and long lasting finish (as Glare says, their products become a part of the paint or to put it more technically, the sealant covalently bonds with it). Another useful part of Glare is the high UV resistance which helps to ensure paints retain their colour.

The Reflect service made a huge difference to the look of the car and coupled with some additional spot correction (provided at no additional cost) we achieved about 95 - 97% correction while bringing back the vibrant red colour and providing long term protection. It is worth noting that as with all of our correction services, the marks that were removed are permanently gone - they won't reappear after washing the car a few times.

The car is regularly used and had collected a lot of muck in the wheel arches.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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