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Detailing a Porsche Cayman

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Revive Paint Correction + Glare Paint Sealant

This car lives outdoors so it was no surprise that it was fairly dirty when we first saw it. However, what became apparent after our extensive cleansing process was that the main issue would be the level of swirling coupled with other marring (etching from bird muck, hard water spots and buffer trailing from previous poor quality polishing).

The light haze swirls (tightly packed circular marring which is almost smeary in appearance) and buffer trails were removed relatively easily, but the deeper swirling (possibly from an automatic car wash) and other marring required the full extent of our Revive service to lift it out (some scratches also received a Restore level of spot correction).

The correction didn't remove 100% of the marks (although we achieved 98% +), but as is often the case, this would have not been to the benefit of the car - the marks that remained had been significantly reduced (most people probably wouldn't even notice them) and taking them back further would have actually harmed the long-term life of the paint. Something, that we just never do.

The paint was finished with multiple layers of Glare both by machine and hand to not only provide a long-life bond and paint protection but to also ensure the amazing finish shown in the photos. Part of the many benefits of using Glare is the natural, wet look it gives the paint which more than matches just about any wax (but lasting a lot, lot, longer) - the customer was very happy with the results.

As with the bodywork, the wheels were a little dirty and quite dull in appearance.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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