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Detailing a Smart Roadster Brabus

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Reflect Correct and Seal Paint Correction

I must admit that the Smart Roadster Brabus makes me smile (it seems to have a bit of a grin from the front itself) - it's just such a fun looking roadster.

The owner does take good care of the finish but when we first saw the car it had obviosuly been driven a fair bit and the rear had picked up a lot of tar (not to mention that the exhausts were about as black as they could get). The paint had general light swirling but there was one additional scratch which would need specific attention (the paint depth readings and visual inspection showed that we would be able to do this without endangering the long-term life of the paint).

Good preparation is vital before any paint correction or applying sealants/waxes and our Studio Detail provides extensive work in this area; from the initial multi-stage pre-treatments, foaming and mitt washing to the use of 3 or more different acting gentle solvents (to remove tar, bugs and other residue) to claying and IPA wipe downs; we really go to great lengths to ensure we get the right results. In the case of this particular car we also spent additional time on the wheels using 4 different specialists products during the cleaning before hand polishing and sealing.

As ever, detailing a silver car really does make a difference lifting the finish and adding a gloss and sparkle that a simple wash and wax never could. The extensive preparation coupled with our multi-stage Reflect Correct and Seal service made a substantial improvement and the paint will keep that sparkle for 12 months plus with very little effort.

A lot of tar towards the rear of the car.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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