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Detailing a Nissan 350z

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Revive Paint Correction + Glare Paint Sealant

The owner of this car has looked after it, but unfortunately, a previous owner hasn't always taken the same care.

This 350z has probably been through a fair few automatic car washes (resulting is some pretty substantial swirling), has received some poor quality machine polsihing (leaving a good collection of buffer trails), had some respray work and in places, been over-buffed leaving the paint a bit on the thin side.

As ever, we looked to provide a service which both fitted how the customer uses the car (it's a daily drive and lives outdoors), the results he was after, the budget he had set aside and the long-term life of the paint. The latter was particularly important in this case as some panels had newer paint with a fairly tough clearcoat, while others were a bit thinner and wouldn't take extensive polishing. In the end we settled on a service based around Revive Paint Correction but adjusting the polishing from panel to panel to take account of the variations in paint.

Finishing with the Glare sealant was the obvious choice as not only does it leave a stunning finish, but it is very hard wearing and generally helps to keep the car cleaner for longer (essential for a daily runner). Not only this, but the protection from grime, brake dust, general contaminants and UV will help to ensure a longer life for the paint - particularly important for those areas which are on the thin side.

The work took longer than expected, but the results were worth it. While it was impossible to safely achieve 100% correction on every panel (we prefer to see the paint last the life of the car rather than start to fail after a few years), the change was dramatic. As we work to a fixed up-front price, the extra time didn't affect the cost either!

Swiirling and buffer trailing (hologramming) from a previous, poor quality polish.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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