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Detailing a Bentley Arnage

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Revive Paint Correction + Paint Sealant

The true definitinon of travelling in style - a Bentley Arnage in a particularly stunning Peacock Blue (with a lovely light wood and leather interior).

It was a 3.5 hour journey to the customer's home but the distance isn't that unusual for us (we travel all over the country). The difference here was that a Bentley Arnage is a lot of car and the detail needed to be turned around in a single day (this best suited the client's requirements) and we never compromise on the results!

When we first saw the car it was a credit to the owner's son who had been keeping it very clean (using good techniques) although the finish looked a little dull. After an extensive cleanse and removal of existing waxes/polishes we were able to get it under our inspection lamps and see why; the paint had extensive marring (swirling, light scratches and some etching). Unfortunately, it appeared that the car hadn't always been so well looked after.

In these circumstances, what we don't want to do is use a lot of heavy abrasives to chase out every single mark or blemish irrespective of what that might do for the future of the paint. We prefer a more gentle approach using a variety of techniques and some of the most advanced polishes in the world. As a result we can achieve massive improvements in the look of the finish while ensuring its long-term future (without short-term, temporary fillers).

Detailing isn't all about the machine polishing though and after that was completed the car was both sealed and waxed before all of the other details were finished; cleaning/polishing the glass, cleansing the shut lines, polishing and sealing the wheels, dressing the tyres, dressing the wheel arches, etc. Oh and, the single largest job, hand polishing every last piece of chrome (yes even every part of that impressive front grill).

Every panel had a variety of both light haze and deeper swirling together with some more distinct scratches.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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