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Detailing an Alpina D3

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Revive Paint Correction + Glare Paint Sealant

Most of our clients prefer us to do the work at their home address for maximum convenience - they get to watch us work and ask questions as we go along from the comfort of their own home, the car isn't driven by anyone else, the mileage on their car is kept down and once the work is done, it can be tucked back into its garage without delay!

Unfortunately, this customer didn't have sufficient off-street space for us to do the work and the constantly variable nature of the summer meant that one of our private outdoor locations wouldn't do. We therefore, arranged for the car to be brought to a unit where the work could be done without fear of the rain ruining the results.

As ever, we concentrated on getting the detailing done for the maximum convenience of the customer and this meant ensuring that the work was completed in a day - unfortunately, we didn't have time for before photos.

As the car lives outdoors and is used fairly regularly, it was quite dirty, however, after a thorough valet and deep cleanse the full extent of the marring became apparent. The car had a good collection of etching from fly squash, bird muck and hard water as well as fairly extensive swirling. The roof in particular had considerable deep etching.

The Alpina was treated to our Revive correction service with the roof being upgraded to Restore to get the maximum improvement. The Glare sealant was then applied in two coats by machine and then one by hand to get the results you can see below. The improvement to the gloss, depth of reflection and colour of the paint was remarkable. The roof was far from perfect but it had been improved considerably and going further would have reduced the overall lifespan of the paint - something we just don't do!

The finished results.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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