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Detailing a Porsche Boxster S

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Refine Paint Correction

Sometimes less really is more and our Refine paint Correction service proves this time and again.

When we first saw this car it wasn't particularly dirty, but it was pretty heavily swirled. Quite often it seems that in this case some detailers will use traditional heavy abrasive polishes and go all out to remove every single mark without really considering what is right for the car. This approach may remove all of the marks but may also leave the paint dangerously thin. We really don't like this approach and have developed techniques using state of the art products to ensure that the absoulte minimum amount of paint is removed but with the greatest visible effect.

Having thoroughly cleaned, clayed and cleansed this car back we discussed the marring with the customer and then demonstrated what could be achieved using our Refine service. Once we were happy that the results were just what he was after we repeated the process over the entire car. In one particular area there were a couple of fairly significant scratches which Refine couldn't deal with and we used a heavier spot correction to resolve this while still staying well within the safe limits of the paint.

The Porsche was finished with a high quality sealant and all of the usual Studio Detail refinements to provide the results as shown below (unfortunately, limited time prevented any before shots and as usuall we prefered to concentrate on getting results rather than taking pictures). In the end, our Refine process had achieved in excess of 95% correction with the few remaining marks being almost invisible in most circumstances (no filler polishes were used) - the customer was very happy!

The finished results.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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