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Detailing a Jaguar XJ

Detailing Service provided: New Car Preparation + Glare Paint Sealant

We were invited to prepare this demonstrator XJ by a Jaguar dealership who were interested to see our very high end Ultimate New Car Preparation Service in action (this almost doubles the time spent over our already extensive service for new cars) and to compare it with how their cars are usually presented.

The car had a small amount of surface dirt but nothing too serious. However, following an extensive valet and deep cleanse, it became apparent that there was considerable marring which was previously being hidden by the use of filler polishes. Being a regularly used demonstrator it's fairly understandable for it to pick up marring, but it's always a bit of a shock when you first see a car like this properly ceansed back to reveal the true state of the paint.

Our Ultimate New Car Preparation Service (please contact us for full details) includes multi-stage ultra light polishing with heavy cleansers and light polishes together with deeper spot correction as needed. The techniques and products that we use ensure the absolute minimum amount of paint is removed to avoid reducing the life of the paint while achieving a stunning level of gloss and clarity - all WITHOUT using temprary fillers.

The car was finished with 3 coats of Glare long life sealant (two being applied by machie polisher to ensure the right bond), the interior was dusted, vacuumed and the air vents individually cleaned before the leather was thoroughly cleaned and conditioned. The wheels were cleaned and polished multiple times and sealed, all interior and exterior vinyl/rubber was treated, the glass was cleaned and polished inside and out, all shut lines were cleansed and sealed, etc., etc. This service really is extensive and if you want the absolute best for your new prestige car or supercar, it's definitely the one to choose! The dealership certainly were impressed and the staff couldn't stop looking at this XJ!

A combination of light haze swirling and deeper, circular scratches.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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