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Detailing a Ferrari 355 F1 Spider

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Revive Paint Correction + Paint Sealant

It's always a pleasure for us to work on any car, but detailing a Rosso Red 355 F1 Spider with Crema interior is particularly special - I'd like to say that this was a boyhood dream car for me, but sadly I am far too old so this represents a vision from a more grown-up(?) time.

The car was being prepared for sale by a specialist dealer and he wanted us to get the best from the paint (within a day) to ensure that the customer was completely happy. When we originally saw it the car was a little pinkish and there were a good selection of swirls and light scratches. We also noted that the car had been resprayed at some point in its life and this is critical to how we machine polish a car. With respray work it is almost impossible to be certain of the quality of workmanship or paint used unless you are around at the time it is being done or know the bodyshop well. Where resprays are concerned, we have to proceed with a lot of caution and not cut too deeply.

Our Revive correction service was chosen as this would remove the vast majority of marks while being gentle on the paint and fitting into the brief of getting the job done in a single day. The car was then finished with a machine applied high quality sealant for good quality paint protection and topped with a concours wax to give it that extra special look. Darren spent a good deal of time working on the leather with both cleaners and conditioners as well as brushing out, dusting and treating every other aspect of the interior to ensure that everything was "just so".

The dealer was very happy and the car sold - the new customer commented on the great condition of the paint and I am sure he is very happy with his stunning new purchase.

The car was finished with a very high quality sealant followed by a concours wax.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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