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Detailing a TVR Chimera (Rolex Blue)

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Refine Paint Correction + Glare Paint Sealant

The TVR Chimera is a great looking car and in this rare Rolex Blue colour it certainly catches the eye.

Having done the initial clean and chemical cleanse, it became apparent that the colour wasn't as vibrant as it should have been though as the car was covered in extensive swirling. Unfortunately, the boot also had some deeper scratching put there when the car had to have some servicing work done on it.

The client wanted a long lasting finish that would help to preserve the colour while removing the majortity of the existing marring. We discussed the correction options available and conducted a few test patches to demonstrate the results before the client settled on a Multi Stage Glare Correct and Seal package. This provides paint correction that goes a bit beyond our Refine service and combines this with a multi-layered application of Glare sealant.

While the correction wouldn't remove 100% of the marks, the service was the best compromise between costs and results for the customer. As the boot was a particular concern we also agreed that this would receive a further stage of correction and the work would be finished off by an extensive interior detail including a deep cleanse and condition of all of the leather work.

The results? 90% plus removal of all marks (you really have to try fairly hard with an inspection lamp to see those that remain) with 100% correction of the scratches on the boot and a beautiful deep gloss finish that will last for a long time to come. The interior also looked like new, but sadly I forgot to take a photo of that (Darren who had done all of the interior work wasn't at all happy with me - whoops!).

The marking included light scratches.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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