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Detailing an Alfa GTV Cup

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Revive Paint Correction + Glare Paint Sealant

Our customer hadn't had this car for long when he contacted us asking if we could improve the finish. We provided an initial free inspection and were confident that we could make a real difference within his budget.

Although initial inspections provide us with a lot of information to help make sure that the service we offer is preciscely what is needed, they can never be as thorough as our investigations on the day of a service. To really understand the paint we first have to provide a very high end valet followed by claying and/or cleansing to ensure that the surface is contaminant free. We then take more extensive paint depth readings and even more importantly, combine this with an in-depth visual inspection using our many years of experience. When we have a good understanding of what we are dealing with we work on a number of small test patches followed by more visual and paint depth inspections. This process can take a while, but good professional car detailing can never be rushed.

It doesn't happen too often, but with this car our final inspection completely changed our mind about what was required to get the best results. The bonnet and a couple of other panels had much harder paint than expected and to get good quality correction we went from Multi-Stage Glare polishing to a slightly more agressive diminishing abrasive (working less in softer areas) with an upgraded finishing polish before sealing with Glare. This took longer than planned, but we still stuck to the original price and got a much improved finish.

Every panel had quite similar marring to this (probably from automatic car washes).

Photo from a JDs Detail
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