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Detailing a Ferrari California

Detailing Service provided: New Car Preparation + Glare Paint Sealant

We had been booked to prepare this car from new at a Ferrari dealership. Sadly, when we arrived they were running late and the car wasn't ready. Rather than have anyone rush we arranged to book it back in at a later date.

When re-booking the car we were fortunate enough to be able to coincide our work with a Flow Images photographic studio session. Unfortunately, the car was in place when we arrived and couldn't be moved! This was particularly unfortunate as it was very dirty and we wouldn't be able to use traditional jetspray or shampoo methods.

Luckily we had been working on creating new advanced dry clean and semi-dry clean methods in the previous weeks so we were able to apply these processes. The work took a fair bit longer, but we were able to get the same results as traditional methods without damaging the paint (we are very proud of the new processes we have created).

After the initial cleanse the car looked a lot better but it revealed extensive swirling and light scratches. We hadn't been booked for full paint correction but our Ultimate New Car Preparation Service includes multi stage polishing and finishing with several layers of the Glare long-life sealant. Carefully choosing the finest products and using our own polishing techniques, we got amazing results.

The end result was a complete transformation with the car having an amazing gloss and deep red finish - The photos below were taken by us before Flow Images provided a full, profesional shoot.

The work provided was an Ultimate New Car Preparation Service which was specifically designed to meet the needs of supercars and high-end prestige vehicles, this was then further adapated to the "no water" environment.

At first glane the car didn't look too bad.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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