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Detailing a Morgan Aero 8

Detailing Service provided: Showroom Detail + Revive Paint Correction + Glare Paint Sealant

It is always a great pleasure to work on a Morgan Aero 8 - the long bonnet and dinstinctive sweeping lines are a joy to polish both by hand and machine. Some of the details can be tricky and it involves a lot more time lying on the floor than some cars (it is very low) but it is always rewarding.

This particular Morgan hand't covered many miles when we first saw it. There was a bit of dirt, but the main issue was that the paint was quite lifeless. Having discussed the options with the client, he selected a combination of Showroom Detail, extended paint correction and multi-stage Glare sealant application - an extensive service but with two experienced detailers providing the work it would still be done in day!

The day was very cold with on/off rain so after the initial cleanse the car was moved into the garage for the remaining work.

The paint had some surface contaminants but a high quality chemical cleanse was the best route to deal with this rather than claying. This was followed by a non-tradtional approach to paint correction using a combination of light polishes and a range of Glare products (a couple of which are rarely seen in this country) - the correction results we get from this are often superior to using traditional medium abrasive compounds while removing a fraction of the usual amount of clear coat. A real case of win/win!

The weather hadn't improved by the time we had finished so all of the after photos had to be taken in the garage but the change in the paint still shone through and thanks to the sealant, it should stay that way for a long time.

At the start of the day - the paint was a little lifeless.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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