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NEC Classic Car Show - Marcos Owners Stand

Firstly a big THANK YOU to the Marcos Owners Club for inviting us to look after their car's at the show - the stand was amazing, with superb examples of vehicles through the ages.

As there were quite a number of cars to look after (14 in total) we didn't get to spend a lot of time looking at the rest of the show but judging by the crowds, it was more popular than ever.

All of the Marcos cars had already been lovingly prepared by their owners before the show but it is suprising how dirty they get at the NEC (everything from fingerprints to lumps of grass (?) falling from the roof). To keep everything looking at its best we used a combination of gentle cleansers and in-house detailing sprays which have all been designed to get the best from various different finishes.

We spent a little longer on the amazing orange LM600 (the only one of its kind in the world) and the paintwork really looked stunning - that said, it would benefit from some careful machine polishing to perfect the finish and we have been asked to give it "the full works" in the New Year - can't wait.

Darren preparing the LM600 - he isn't a giant, the car really is that low!

Photo from an event attended by JDs
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