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Detailing a Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Detailing Service provided: Showroom Detail + Revive Paint Correction + Glare Paint Sealant

The client was due to go away with this car before we could schedule a full service but to help out and ensure that he had a nice shiny vehicle for the weekend, we provided an initial valet, wheel clean (they were quite black), cleanse, clay and basic wax. The following week the car was returned to us still very clean and it only needed a light cleanse and wax strip before we could get on with the paint correction.

The service included a clean and seal of the fabric roof and this was done fairly early in the day. A vacuum, two washes using a specialist cleaner and a pat/air dry prepared the fabric for an application of sealant - a further wait until everything was touch dry and a second sealant coat went on before putting a cover over the results to ensure that polishing dust didn't spoil the results.

We had specifically been asked to be very careful with the paint and only remove the absolute minimum in order to achieve a result. This is quite a tricky balance to get right and with this Porsche's paint being pretty hard we had to be very careful about our selection of polishes and pads. Several rounds of gentle machining later and a follow up with a very fine finishing polish/cleanser got great improvements. Although some marking remained we had only reduced the finish by 2 to 3 microns and yet achieved a greater than 80% correction! Further refining with both machine and hand applications of Glare gave a lovely glossy finish.

The service was completed with an extensive interior detail, leather conditioning, vinyl cleaning and conditioning, wheel treatments, tyre dressing, wheel arch dressing, glass polishing, etc., etc.

The whole of the car was swirled making the finish look a little dull.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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