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Detailing a Jaguar MKII (1964)

Detailing Service provided: Showroom Detail + Restore Paint Correction + Glare Paint Sealant

Quite simply, what a stunning car! It's one with history too as it features in some of Jaguar's own literature over the years and made an appearance in a Jeremy Clarkson video on the greatest cars of all time.

When we first saw the Jaguar it was in good condition and was reasonably clean - well apart from the wheels; the owner later mentioned that he hadn't cleaned those properly for many years!

Classic cars need to be approached differently than modern ones when it comes to detailing with products and technique being adapated to their particular needs - luckily we have a lot of experience in this area and Darren has a particular understanding of classics.

We were able to cleanse/clay the exterior of the car fairly quickly, but the wheels took a little longer with the front pair taking in the order of 2 hours each and the rears 1 hour a piece! Lying on the ground and repeatedly hand working with small brushes and gentle cleaners was the order of the day.

The car had received a high quality respray 15 years ago but had significant swirling. We were originally booked for 2 stage correction but the paint seemed to be made of some sort of granite so in order to get the promised results we stepped up to 3 stage at no extra cost to the client - the results when combined with Glare finishing were stunning!

The wheels had a lot of ingrained dirt and spokes are always time consuming to clean properly.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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