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Detailing a Mercedes SL55 AMG

Detailing Service provided: Studio Detail + Studio Photography

We work hard to get photos of the cars that we do which accurately reflect what was seen on the day and which show the true results of our work. However, on this occasion, we thought it would be interesting to demonstrate what happens when our Studio Detail is mixed with Flow Image's professional studio photography.

The car arrived at the studio with a reasonable amount of traffic grime and after the initial cleansing it was obvious that the car had never been detailed before. Although a silver paint makes it harder to see imperfections directly, they do still detract from the finish give a look which isn't as bright or reflective as it should be.

As the detail service was chosen to fit in with Flow Image's photographic session no paint correction was booked. However, by carefuly selecting a vey light polish and applying this once around by machine we were still able to fit this within a Studio Detail service.

The results? Well the client was extremely happy and will be booking a more extensive service in the Spring while Ed from Flow Images remarked that having such a well prepared car made their job a lot easier and the photographic results were even better than usual!

The finished results - The Studio Detail meant the photographic session went even better than usual.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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