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Detailing a Lamborghini Murcielago

To call this Lamborghini Murcielago attention grabbing is a real understatement - in bright yellow and with a modified performance exhaust, this car really does stand out more than just about any other we have seen in a while.

The work on this car was done at the same time and for the same client as the Ferrari 360 Spider shown in a previous gallery and unfortunately, as with that car, we didn't get any meaningful before shots as the morning light wasn't very good (the work was done in December).

The condition of the car before we started was what you'd expect from one that is regularly driven (this supercar really is used!) - plenty of surface contaminants (including tar and bird muck), very dirty wheels (they took a few hours to clean by themselves) and a good covering of traffic film.

The service we chose was an extended Studio Detail combined with elements from our Concours Service to ensure that the paint and wheels were properly cleansed/protected and that the glass was thoroughly polished. The service was much more extensive than the one for the Ferrari and used very different products suited to the specific needs of this car and the results the customer was after.

All of the shut lines and sills were cleansed and finished to the same standard as the exterior paint.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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