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Detailing a Farbio GTS

Detailing Service provided: Showroom Detail with Paint Correction and Paint Sealant

We are proud to announce that a little while after completing this detail we were appointed the official Farbio Factory detailers. It's great for us to be involved with such an amazing new car and we'll be working hard to make sure that every one we prepare looks in top condition for its new owner.

This car is Farbio's hard working demonstrator and although in generally excellent condition (as you'd expect) it was also quite dirty with plenty of ingrained tar and bug splats!

Following an extensive valet we were able to more accurately assess the paintwork and it was obvious that there was a fairly substantial amount of swirling, scratches and general marring. Being silver, these were not that visible from a distance but they were definitely affecting the shine and general appearance.

After a long day (unfortunately both the weather and time were against us for any before shots) the car looked amazing with a quite incredible shine produced by extensive machine correction and a special sealant which should also prove very hard wearing.

We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Chris Marsh and Shane at Farbio for asking us to detail this car and for making us feel very welcome. In our line of work we are lucky enough to see a lot of amazing vehicles but this has to rank right up there with the most handsome supercars in the world.

Foamy Farbio!! A citrus pre-treatment and thick foaming help to prepare the car for subsequent work.

Photo from a JDs Detail
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