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Additional Detailing Services

Long-life sealants, paint correction, interior and engine bay work can be added to any of our detailing services but are not available as stand-alone processes.

Sealants - Car Paint Protection

For the long term protection of your car's finish with an amazing shine, modern paint sealants can often provide the best solution and without the artificial gloss of old-fashioned products.

We carry a large range of premium long-life sealants to ensure that we have one that suits you and your car's precise requirements.  More Info

Paint Correction

Often also known as "swirl mark removal" or "machine polishing", paintwork correction can make an incredible difference to the finish of a car by removing: light scratches (reducing heavier ones), bird lime marks, holograms, micro-marring, water marks, buffer trails and cob-webbing. The process can also restore faded paint and brings a shine and look back to a car that surprises most customers.

Due to the preparation required, correction is only offered in conjunction with our other services as follows:

  • Studio Detail and New Car Preparation - as an upgrade option on request
  • Showroom Detail - Our Refine Service is provided as standard with the option to upgrade on request
  • Concours Detail - This high-end detail includes as much correction as required to get the best finish

For more information, please click on the following links:

JDs Paint Correction Services

What is paint correction and choosing JDs

Interior Detailing

As with our work on the exterior of your car, our interior detailing pays attention to every aspect of the finish. From vinyl and rubber treatments to carpet cleansing and leather conditioning, we can often make the inside of your vehicle look as good as new.   More Info

Engine Bay Detailing

For that final show look, to help improve the value of your car come sale time or just for the satisfaction of knowing that you have a great looking engine, this extensive and carefully applied service really can make a difference.   More Info

Services Summary/Additional Services
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