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Detailing Services Summary

We strongly believe that every customer and car is unique, so ensure that any detailing we provide can be fully customised to your precise needs.

The services described below (and in more detail on their own pages) are designed as a starting point and give a good indication of the extent of the work involved. We hope that you'll find them informative and look forward to providing you with a free quote specific to your requirements.

Premium Detailing Services Superior Detailing Services Additional Services
The Studio Detail The Showroom Detail Sealants (paint protection)
New Car Preparation The Concours Detail Paint Correction
  Interior Detailing
Engine Bay Detailing

Premium Detailing Services

The Studio Detail

This may be our entry level service, but that doesn't mean that it gets anything but superb results.

If your car is driven daily or doesn't benefit from being kept in a garage, then this service represents a great balance between budget and results. The Studio Detail concentrates on the important aspects of the exterior and when combined with paint correction can really transform the look of your car.  More Info

New Car Preparation

Dealerships don't usually have the time or expertise to get your new car looking as it should.

Our New Car Preparation Service was designed to ensure that you really do get that "wow" factor when collecting your new vehicle and that it is protected from the elements for months to come.  More Info

Superior Detailing Services

When only the best bespoke car detailing will do, our Superior Services are the solution.

The Showroom Detail

This is a more extensive service than our Studio Detail and not only includes our Refine paint correction, interior detail and 2 coats of sealant topped with a coat of carnauba wax, but also provides extra work on the finishing and fine details to take the results up to the next level.

This service is ideal for that special weekend drive car or one that is shown at events.   More Info

The Concours Detail

This is our ultimate car detailing service and ensures that every surface of the vehicle is inspected and detailed using pain-staking techniques.

Sealants and waxes are applied in multiple layers and surfaces are finished and re-finished to get results which meet the most exacting standards. This service can take 30 or more hours to complete.

While this level of service is aimed at the true perfectionist, it is suitable for any car, new or old.  More Info

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