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Glare, Zaino and Gtechniq Professional Sealants
Our paint sealants provide premium quality, long-life protection for any car.

Due to the preparation required to get professional quality results, a sealant can only be applied by us as part of one of the following services:

  • Studio Detail - can include a coat of superior quality sealant as standard*
  • New Car Preparation - includes two coats of Zaino sealant as standard*
  • Showroom Detail - can include two coats of a superior quality sealant as standard*
  • Concours Detail - can include multiple layers of Glare sealant as standard

* An Upgrade to a multi-stage Glare application is available for an additional charge

Our Reflect - Correct and Seal service combines paint correction with Glare long-life paint sealant (simply the best we have ever used). For more information, please visit our Paint Correction Services page.

Please Contact Us for prices and full information.

Choosing Just Detailing Services to Apply a Paint Sealant

  • As good as a sealant might be, it will be next to useless unless the paint surfaces are thoroughly prepared beforehand. As such, we won't even start the process until we have first given the car a professional detail (see our Studio Detail as a minimum example of the work involved)
  • It's important to be able to understand the paint on your car and the results you are after before choosing and applying a sealant. As professional detailing specialists we have many years of experience in this area
  • We are one of a small number of detailers who are officially approved to apply Glare Professional Sealants or GTechniq's Crystal Lacquer
  • We can choose from a wide range of sealants to meet the specific requirements of you and your car (products from Zaino, Chemical Guys, Klasse, Glare, Gtechniq, Meguiars, etc.)
  • We use only the highest quality products and take the time to ensure they are applied to exacting standards
  • We provide free advice on future maintenance of your car's finish
  • Our Glare applications involve at least two coats, one of which is always machine polished into the paint

Should I Choose a Sealant or a Wax?

The answer to this question depends a lot on personal taste and how the car is used and kept. Below is a general summary of what we have found over the years:

Traditional Waxes Versus Modern Sealants*
Wax Sealant
Beautiful, "wet" looking finish Glossier finish (can be slightly less natural than wax)
Smooth to the touch finish Ultra slick feeling finish
Provides protection against some contaminants and UV Superior protection from contaminants and UV
The best may last up to 6 months of regular driving The best can last for 24 months or 20,000 miles
Easy to top up regularly Usually, very easy to top up regularly
Helps to keep the car cleaner for longer between valeting Cars stay cleaner and glossier for longer than wax
Creates larger, attractive beading when wet Smaller, less attractive beading when wet

*There are always exceptions in both the world of waxes and sealants. The statements represent what we have seen from the very large range of products tested to date. If you know of an exception, then drop us a line - we would love to hear your experiences.

One of the exceptions we know of in the sealant world is Glare. If it's applied correctly (it has to be done in quite a specific way) then it can produce a very natural and "wet" looking finish to rival most waxes whilst being one of the toughest sealants available. It really is an astonishing product!

Whichever type of product is chosen you can rest assured that what we apply will always meet our high standards.

The Benefits of a Sealant

  • Any of our high quality sealants will give a truly amazing shine to your paintwork
  • The paint will be left beautifully smooth to the touch and contaminant free
  • The paint ageing effects of salt, grime and general traffic film will be greatly reduced
  • Your car paint will have better protection against bird lime (this should always be removed as soon as possible)
  • The sealant will provide UVA & UVB protection to limit the damage that can be caused by the sun
  • Some of the sealants will help to reduce the chances of new light haze swirls from appearing
  • Some of the products available can provide up to 12 months or more of protection and shine
  • By helping to keep your car in top condition, its value come sale time is likely to be improved
  • Car paint will generally stay cleaner for longer and be easier to valet

Please note:
  1. Some sealants can reduce the chances of new light swirl marks but none can guarantee to prevent them
  2. Stone-chipping cannot be prevented by a sealant
  3. If contaminants such as bird lime are not removed from the car as soon as possible they will eventually start to damage the finish no matter which sealant is used
  4. If the vehicle is not maintained correctly or is subjected to poor valeting techniques, the use of inappropriate products or machine washes, then this will ultimately harm the finish
  5. Once sealed, the paint should need very little work in order to keep it looking in top condition for many months (or even years for some sealants). However, if the car is not looked after correctly, then no guarantee can be given of the length of time that the sealant will last. The length of protection will depend on the chosen sealant, the quality of maintenance, the miles the car covers, weather conditions, etc.
  6. Free inspections can be provided on vehicles within 15 miles of the centre of Bristol and assuming that travel does not involve toll roads. Beyond this, a small charge may be made or alternatively a telephone/email estimate will be provided based on the vehicle condition as described
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