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JDs Promises to You

Just Detailing services was not only set up out of our huge passion for cars and making them look their best, but also a real desire to deliver detailing in a friendly, professional and pragmatic way - something that we felt was often missing in the industry.

10 Simple Promises

Our commitment to providing a first class service is illustrated by 10 promises that we make to our customers:
  1. We'll provide premium quality detailing services that are right for you and your car
    We'll take the time to understand your requirements and then recommend a service that will get the best results for your car within the agreed budget. We won't provide work that isn't necessary and we'll always use the products that we think work the best rather than just have fancy labels or cost the most.
  2. We guarantee that you'll be happy with the results
    If, in the extremely unlikely event, the finished work isn't to the standard we discussed and agreed before starting the detail (this has never happened to date), then we'll agree what needs to be done with you and resolve any issues. If you are still not happy, then you don't pay us. Simple as that!

    Don't forget that you are more than welcome to watch us throughout the service and ask any questions.
  3. We'll explain what we do clearly and avoid jargon
    The detailing industry is full of jargon, pseudo science and quite a lot of ill-informed opinion. We don't subscribe to any of this and will always clearly explain what work we'll be doing and why. All of our processes and the products we use are thoroughly researched and nothing we do is ever based on hearsay or gimmicks.
  4. If it hasn't given top quality results on one of our cars, it's not going on yours!
    We made this promise to our customers from the day we started and although others may now quote the same phrase, we really do live by it.

    Everything we do and use will first have gone through extensive testing (this can take several months of trials) on our own personal and company vehicles. If the testing hasn't given the highest quality results then that product or process won't be used on your car.
  5. All of your information will remain completely confidential
    Your privacy is extremely important to us and none of your details will ever be shared with other companies or individuals (unless you ask us to of course).
  6. We'll be punctual
    We believe that punctuality is important and your time is precious. Barring disaster (UK traffic can still ruin the best laid plans) we'll be with you when we said we would and we'll never book ourselves so heavily that this promise is jeopardised.
  7. We'll be upfront and honest
    • If we think that your car needs a bodyshop, then we'll tell you - if you live in the South West of the UK there is a good chance that we'll know a suitable one
    • We won't supply a service which we don't think is right for you and your car
    • We won't take short cuts
    • We won't use cheaper products when we have quoted for more expensive ones
    • If we aren't confident of improving the condition of your vehicle, then we won't undertake the work
  8. No matter how good we are, we'll always try to improve
    We are constantly investigating new products and processes and will never rest on our laurels. If there is any way you think that we can improve, then please feel free to Contact us at any time.
  9. Only fully trained, professional and passionate staff will ever work on your vehicle
    We are a small company and are likely to stay that way as our high standards mean that we are very picky about who we employ. One thing is very certain though, we will never send anyone to work on your vehicle who isn't experienced and able to deliver a 1st class service.
  10. We'll continue to provide support after we have detailed your car
    If you ever need advice on products, techniques or anything to do with detailing, we are here to help.
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