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Porsche 993 C2S

Detailing Pricing

  • Every detail we provide is specific to each customer and our quotes are individually priced
  • From £ 210 to £ 2000 or more we can provide a service to suit your needs
  • Typically a Studio Detail plus Refine paint correction costs between £ 265 and £ 410*

Please visit our Contact Us page to arrange for a free quote.

We'll never provide your details to 3rd party companies.

* Pricing depends on a range of factors including the car's size, make/model, condition and the required finish.

The Value of A Car Detail

If car detailing was just about "cleaning and putting a wax on" then it might seem a fairly expensive service to have. However, what we provide not only goes well beyond this but also what a lot of other detailers offer.

When looking at pricing, it is worth considering the following:

  • The value of the paint on your car - a respray would run into £ 1000's
  • Not all detailing is the same - a lot of companies claim to provide "detailing" but few can actually deliver it to a high standard. We invest considerable time, knowledge and passion into the work that we do
  • The value that a car detail can add - not only in terms of look, but long term re-sale value
  • Experience - we have spent years refining our craft and this is reflected in the quality of our work
  • The work involved - On average a Studio Detail plus Revive Correction involves 15+ hours of work. Concours Details can see this rise to 35+ hours (we often use two detailers so the time without your car is minimised)
  • Dealership prices - a main dealer will often charge £ 300 + for a sub-standard sealant application alone
  • Support and advice - we provide free, ongoing detailing support and advice to all of our customers
  • Equipment and products - from paint depth gauges and heat lamps to premium waxes, high-tech sealants and the best polishes, we have invested many £ 1000's to ensure we get the best results
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