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New Car Preparation

Glare, Zaino and GTechniq Professional Sealants

JDs New Car Preparation service is available for any brand new car up to 3 months after purchase and gives it the best possible start in life by:

  • Gently removing any existing transportation/storage dirt without marking the paint
  • Removing stuck on surface contaminants such as tree sap, traffic film, rail dust, etc.
  • Bringing out the full colour, gloss and silky smooth feeling of the paint
  • Providing long life* protection of the exterior surfaces using high quality sealants
  • Providing a professional, independent inspection of your vehicle's paintwork

Dealerships may offer you paint protection treatments or free valeting but:
  • The products used are not necessarily the best available for your car
  • The work is likely to be done by valeters who don't have the training or equipment of specialist detailers
  • The treatments are often completed to tight time schedules and with far less preparation than our service
  • Incorrectly applied products or rushed processes can leave the car with swirl marks or scratches

With a JDs New Car Preparation:

  • We can choose from a vast range of premium products ideally suited for your specific car and requirements
  • The work will be undertaken by experienced, specialist car detailers
  • We'll take our time to get everything right and leave your car looking amazing! Our work will never be rushed
  • We are happy for you to watch us do the work and ask as many questions as you like
  • We'll follow up the service with free advice on keeping the finish up to the highest standards

Below are pictures from a New Car Preparation (with Glare sealant) - please click either to view the full gallery:

Audi TT RS New Car Preparation Gallery - click to view Audi TT RS New Car Preparation Gallery - click to view

The Detail

This multi-stage process will ensure that your new car looks incredible, gives it a great start in life and keeps the paintwork protected for months to come*.

Our New Car Preparation service typically includes:
  • A full Studio Detail (excluding the standard wax/sealant)
  • Removal of any transport sticker marks from the glass and paint
  • A coat of the superb Zaino paint sealant (plus ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator)**
  • A clean of the interior glass
  • A polish of the exterior glass
  • A thorough vacuuming of the interior of the car
  • A dust and clean of the interior vinyl
  • A clean and condition of any interior leather

Zaino sealant is renowned for leaving car paintwork with a stunning look and slick feeling finish that provides protection that outlasts traditional waxes and many other sealants*.

With Zaino provided as standard, our New Car Preparation Service is amazing value for money (especially compared to dealer applied sealants) and all with the benefit of our specialist attention to detail.

*See notes under "New Car Preparation Prices"
** If you would prefer that we finish with an alternative product, then please contact us for a quote.

How Much Time Will be Spent on My Car?

Our New Car preparation Service typically takes a total of between 7 and 13 hours of work (depending on car type, size and condition). As two detailers will be working on your car the actual elapsed time to complete the service will naturally be less than this and the detail can usually be completed within a single day.

Please contact us for a free quote for your specific requirements.

For Your Convenience

If your dealership is happy for us to do so, then we are able to undertake the work on their premises before the hand over of the car. This will give it a great start in life and make it truly stand out in the showroom.

In the event that we are not able to work at the dealership, we can of course make arrangements to come to your home or pretty much anywhere else you choose.

New Car Preparation Prices

Up to and including X-Large Cars (Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Chrysler 300C, Mercedes CLS, Jaguar XF, etc.):

Standard Sealant Two-Stage Glare Sealant
£ 295.00 £ 375.00

Very Large Cars (Jaguar XJ, Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, Chrysler Grand Voyager, Volvo XC90, etc.):

Standard Sealant Two-Stage Glare Sealant
£ 325.00 £ 420.00

Please note:
  1. If you aren't sure what size category your car falls into, then drop us a line and we'll let you know
  2. Cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Zondas, Koenigseggs, classics, etc. can require extra special attention and may cost more than the prices shown above. If you have one of these or something else a little "exotic" or unique, then please contact us for a free consultation and quotation
  3. Prices exclude paint correction (the removal of scratches/swirling). This service can be requested as an optional extra
  4. The prices shown assume the work is carried out within 20 miles of the centre of Bristol and that any travel does not include toll roads. If an additional travel charge applies, then this will be advised in advance
  5. The length of protection provided by any car treatment and how long the quality of finish is maintained will depend on a number of factors including the mileage covered, driving and weather conditions, the quality of any subsequent valeting/cleaning and where the vehicle is kept

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