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Joe's Detailing Name and Services Change

Same Great Service - Different Company Name!

In order to more accurately reflect the services that we provide, we are pleased to announce a small change to our company name from Joe's Detailing Services Ltd to Just Detailing Services Ltd.

An increasing number of companies are advertising detailing services as a bolt-on to other work such as dent removal, valeting, body shop repairs, etc.

We believe that getting the best results requires considerable experience and dedication to detailing without the distractions of providing other services on the side. This is why we specialise and this is reflected in our new company name - we Just supply Detailing Services.

Rest assured, our detailers haven't changed and we'll still be providing the same high quality customer service and world class car detailing. This, combined with our almost unique openness, pragmatism and enthusiasm for what we do will continue to ensure that no matter what car you drive, you'll always be guaranteed top class results.

Upgrades to All of our Services!

When we first started our company we set out a number of customer promises which would form the heart of how we would go about our business. One of those first promises was "No matter how good we are, we'll always try to improve" and over the years we have continued to refine what we do by researching new products and techniques as well as developing our own in-house processes.

As a result of our latest research, carefully reviewing everything that we do and having listened to customer feedback, we are now proud to announce changes to ALL of our core services to ensure that we continue to lead the way with the detailing that we provide. It sounds a little corny, but the best really did just get a bit better!

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