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BMW Z4M Roadster

Interior Detailing

Interior detail

We take as much care with interiors as we do the exterior and while the difference we make might not seem as dramatic as with the exterior paintwork, the improvements can still be remarkable.

The types of treatment we can provide include:
  • Vacuuming - thorough and extensive (including the boot) to ensure that nothing is overlooked
  • Wet Vacuuming - a really deep cleanse of the carpets using high quality shampoos
  • Application of fabric bio-degraders - helps to remove deeper stains and deal with bacteria or fungus
  • Deodorising - removal/reduction of smells created by tobacco, food, pets, etc.
  • Vinyl cleansing/reconditioning - removing smudges/fingerprints and providing a lovely natural sheen
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning - restoring the natural colour, smell and suppleness
  • Fabric cleaning and protection
  • Glass cleaning and polishing
  • Plastic polishing - helping to reduce fine scratches on most interior clear plastics
  • Chrome/aluminium trim polishing
  • Cleansing and polishing door and boot shuts
Prices start from £ 40.00 but naturally the costs depend on a number of factors including:
  • The size of the car
  • The type of car (some require special and/or extended leather/fabric treatments)
  • The current condition of the interior (animal hair or food stains can require extended treatments)
  • The level of detail that you require
We always inspect cars before providing a final quote, but if you'd like a free estimate, then drop us a line.

Please note that our interior service is only available as an option in addition to one of our exterior details.

Engine Bay Detailing

Jaguar E-Type engine bay detail

A detailed engine can almost be like a work of art. Car designers and engineers often put considerable effort into getting your engine looking as great as the rest of the car, so it's a shame to leave it covered in dirt, leaves, oil and water spots.

At JDs we have considerable experience in working in this sensitive area and carry the products to do the job properly.

Prices start from £ 45.00 but as every engine is different, we aren't able to provide an exact price without an inspection. If you'd like to get in touch we'd be happy to provide a free estimate.

Please note that our engine bay service is only available as an option in addition to one of our exterior details.

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