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Detailing FAQs

Below are the most commonly asked questions that we get - to see a specific answer, please click on More at the end of the question you are interested in.

If a question you want answered isn't here, then please feel free to contact us directly.

Choosing a Service

  1. Why should I choose JDs for my car care?
    Please visit our Choosing Just Detailing Services page for more information, but in brief, we have the knowledge, experience, products and passion to get the best from your car(s). We take great care with everything we do and give you the promise of the best possible, professional service.
  2. Can you guarantee the improvement that you'll make to my car's finish?
    Put simply, yes. On the day of the detail we will spend time to explain everything that we will be doing and if you want, you can watch the whole process and ask questions as we work.

    If your service includes paint correction then we will use our considerable experience to assess the best way forward and then demonstrate the results to you by conducting test patches. Once we know that you are completely happy we'll replicate the results across the whole car.

    After the detail is complete we'll ask you to inspect the car (using our inspection lamps if necessary) and only when you are happy, will we ask for payment.

    Naturally, if you are too busy to have this level of involvement, we are flexible enough to adapt our process to what suits you.
  3. What is the difference between your four main services?
    JDs offers four main services, but no matter which one you choose, we promise to always use high quality products and take the greatest of care - you'll never hear the phrases "rush job" or "last minute" from us!

    The Studio Detail has been designed to provide an amazing finish for your car combined with superb value for money and convenience. (Click Here for more information).

    The New Car Preparation Service is an extension of the Studio Detail aimed at the specific requirements of brand new cars (Click Here for more information).

    The Showroom Detail is a more extensive service than our Studio Detail and includes our Refine paint correction service, an interior detail and a 3 stage paint protection process. Not only that, but it also provides extra work on both the finishing and all of the fine details to ensure that your car looks stunning.

    This service is ideal for that special weekend drive car or one that is shown at events (Click Here for more information).

    The Concours Detail is the ultimate in exterior and interior care with nothing overlooked. Put simply, this is about getting your vehicle to show condition and is great if you are entering a concours event, are thinking of selling and want to get the highest possible price or simply want your cherished vehicle to look at its absolute best. (Click Here for more information).

    Don't worry if you are not sure which service you want from us though, not only can we discuss all of this free of charge but you can mix and match to get exactly what you want.
  4. Can I specify a particular product that I would like you to use on my vehicle?
    Yes - if we are given enough notice we can get hold of most products although this may incur an additional cost.
  5. Which manufacturer's products do you use?
    We don't stick to a particular set of manufacturers but instead continually research and use products from just about everywhere so that we can bring you the best.

    To name just a few we use products from: Menzerna, Dodo Juice, Klasse, Carlack, Victoria Wax, Lake Country, Chemical Guys, Meguiars, 3M, Zaino, Gliptone, Sonus, Collinite, P21S, ClearKote, Gtechniq, Glare & Poorboys. Oh and there are a couple of products made in house, two other very well known brands and new products are always being tested and added to the list while older ones are sometimes superseded and removed.
  6. Why should I have a new car detailed by you rather than let the dealership prepare it?
    Surprisingly, new vehicles are often not that clean or well presented.

    Your new car may have been sat in a compound for many months before being shipped to your dealer and then just given a basic clean before being presented. Often this clean is done by valeters who don't have extensive training, access to the best products or a lot of time to spend on each individual vehicle. Despite their best efforts, these valeters may actually end up putting marks onto your new car.

    The long life protection products offered by many dealers are not necessarily the best available and are usually applied by the same valeters who didn't have enough time to clean and prep your car in the first place. If the sealant is applied without giving your car the correct preparation, then at best this reduces the effectiveness of the sealant and at worse actually seals in contaminants which can, over time, degrade your paintwork.

    Spend the same or often even less money on a JDs New Car Preparation and you'll know that the highest quality products are being applied by professionals who specialise in this type of work and who will make your new vehicle look truly outstanding.

Providing the Service

  1. How long will my car keep its finish after you have worked on it?
    We always take the greatest of care when working with any car and use the best possible products applicable for each type of service. If the vehicle is subsequently looked after correctly, then our carnauba wax finishes can last several months while the sealants can provide protection for anything up to a year or more.

    It isn't possible for anyone to give exact times for the lifespan of a detailed finish as it depends on a large number of factors including the initial condition of the paintwork, the mileage you cover, driving and weather conditions, where the car is kept, the quality of any subsequent valeting/cleaning, etc.
  2. Can you provide a detail where I live?
    We can supply a detail in Bristol (in the South West of England) & the surrounding areas. Please get in touch if you'd like furher information.

    Travelling beyond 20 miles of the centre of Bristol may incur a charge but we try to keep this to a minimum and if you drop us a line we are happy to provide a free quote for where you live.
  3. Can I bring my car to you?
    Yes - This can usually be arranged although if you prefer, we can provide a mobile service.
  4. What days/hours do you work?
    We are usually available to take calls Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm. If we don't answer (which is usually because we are working on a critical aspect of a detail), then simply leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    We can provide a detail on pretty much any day of the week although weekends and bank holidays usually incur an extra charge. Please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.
  5. If you come to me do you need any water or electricity to carry out the work?
    We can bring both our own water and electricity but this will add to the cost of the service.

    It's preferred if you can supply power and water as this allows us to not only reduce the costs to you, but also be kinder to the environment - transporting heavy generators and 100's of kilos of water uses a lot of fuel and isn't very efficient.

    We are able to filter your water as we use it to ensure that what we use on the day is pure and gives the best results for your car.
  6. Can you work on any type of vehicle?
    We specialise in cars (big or small, expensive or not so expensive). Commercial vehicles are not normally catered for, but if you have a special requirement, then please feel free to get in touch.
  7. How long will the work take?
    This depends on the current condition of your vehicle and the service you have selected.

    Unlike most companies, we usually send two detailers to larger jobs and in the vast majority of cases the work can be completed in a single day (Concours Details are the main exception where the work is so extensive that even with two detailers it can extend over several days to get the finest results available).

Booking and Paying

  1. Do you offer discounts for multiple car bookings?
    If you book two or more cars in at a single location for the same or consecutive dates then we can often provide a discount. Please contact us for further details and a free quote.
  2. Do you need to take a deposit to make a booking for my car?
    Our standard booking deposit is £ 50.00. However, for more extensive services or where lengthy travel is involved, then a larger deposit may be required (although we always try to keep it to a minimum).

    Any deposit taken will be deducted from the final payment due for the service.

    If you decide to postpone or cancel a booking, then assuming that you have given us at least 7 full days notice, any deposit taken will be 100% refundable.
  3. Can I cancel a booking I have with you?
    Yes, but please give us at least 7 full days notice. Anything less than this may incur a small charge.
  4. How do you accept payment?
    Currently, cash, cheque or online electronic transfer.
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