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The Showroom Detail 2011

A JDs Showroom Detail is a service that provides an extremely high quality finish that goes beyond even that offered by our Studio Detail.

New for 2011:
This service has been upgraded and amongst other things now includes; finishing with 2 coats of high grade sealant, a coat of carnauba wax and an interior detail. For maximum convenience there's now also just one fixed price for most cars. The Showroom Detail 2011 really can be a one stop shop for an amazing looking car.

Every car has it's own particular requirements, which is why before we start work, we'll conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle (using both inspection lamps and paint depth gauges) and discuss what we have found with you before proceeding.

Typically, the Showroom Detail has three main stages which are outlined below:


  1. A gentle citrus based pre-wash treatment of the exterior of your car (including wheels)
  2. A thorough clean of the wheels using a gentle acting solution (repeated multiple times as appropriate)
  3. Wheels treated with a gentle tar remover (repeated multiple times as appropriate)
  4. Extra time spent on all wheel details using specialist brushes and gentle cleansing products
  5. A foaming of the exterior of your car using a custom cleaning and conditioning solution followed by a rinse
  6. A further gentle pre-wash treatment to loosen more stubborn dirt
  7. A wash of the outside of your car and wheels using a high quality shampoo and lambs wool mitt
  8. Hand wheel arch cleaning
  9. A rinse and hand dry of your car (includes the application of a special solution to aid drying)
  10. High-speed, filtered, warm air drying of all shut lines and external fittings
  11. A thorough cleanse of all door, bonnet and boot shuts
  12. Gentle removal of any remaining bugs and tar from the exterior paintwork
  13. Exterior glass cleaning
  14. Detailed cleaning of all badges/car logos using specialist brushes and detailing swabs
  15. An interior detail including:
    1. Glass cleaning
    2. Vacuuming and dust removal
    3. Vinyl and rubber cleaning and treatment
    4. Leather cleaning and conditioning


  1. An exterior claying to remove surface contaminants and leave the paintwork very smooth
  2. An exterior vinyl/rubber treatment which includes UV protection
  3. Cleaning and polishing of any chrome/aluminium surfaces
  4. A full Refine Paint Correction Service
  5. Polishing of all exterior glass
  6. A light polishing of all exterior light clusters
  7. A light cleanse of the paintwork to remove any polish residue
  8. Wheel exteriors lightly clayed to lift off further contaminants

Protect and Final Finish

  1. A clean and buff of the wheels using a high grade wheel polish and sealant
  2. The application of a high quality tyre dressing (with UV protection)
  3. Plastic wheel arch interiors dressed to provide protection and leave them with a deep black colour
  4. 2 stage premium sealant application to provide long-life paint protection
  5. A layer of high quality carnauba wax applied to provide a stunning wet-look finish
  6. All exterior shut lines given a final brush out and clean
  7. Paintwork given a further gentle buffing and a concours detailing spray applied to further enhance the shine
  8. The car is thoroughly re-inspected to ensure that nothing has been overlooked

How Much Time Will be Spent on My Car?

A Showroom Detail typically takes a total of between 17 and 20 hours of work (depending on car type, size and condition). As two detailers will be working on your car the actual elapsed time to complete the service will naturally be less than this and the detail can usually be completed within a single day.

How Much Will the Detail Cost?

One fixed price for almost any car: 475.00

There may be an additional cost if:
  1. You have a particularly large vehicle such as a Jaguar XJ LWB, Maybach, certain MPVs or SUVs, etc.
  2. You have a rare or classic car that requires extra special attention
  3. You live further than 20 miles from the centre of Bristol and you'd like us to do the work at your location
  4. Your car's interior requires work for issues such as staining, mud, pet hairs, odours, etc.

If any of the above apply, then please contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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